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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> and all of this between route 202 and the lottsford area. pat? >> reporter: police believe the man at the center of this fatal crash had a prior dui arrest, had a suspended license and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. >> at the scene today 36-year-old juan sanchez and he was the man driving this black pickup truck. the truck that triggered a nine-car collision and led to the death of a 53-year-old woman. police say sanchez was driving on a suspended license, that he'd been arrested back in 2014 and charged with driving under the influence, but when he didn't show up for trial the judge issued a warrant for his arrest. so far, no charges against sanchez in today's crash. >> are you looking into the
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possibility that he may have been under the influence today in that accident. >> maryland state police will not leave any stone unturned and we will definitely do a thorough investigation to see what actually happened. >> reporter: it was, indeed, a bone-chilling crash, and it had deadly consequences. witnesses say this black pickup slammed into a red pickup and that led to a chain reaction collision involving nine vehicles. four people injured. the woman driving the red pickup, she was killed. sharenay chapel was in her car and she saw it all. >> it looked like a movie. it looked like a movie. i was scared because -- that's why i pulled over and i hopped out because i'm thinking something over there is going to blow up. >> reporter: tonight sanchez is being held in jail in connection with that 2014 dui case. >> doreen, back to you.
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>> pat collins, thank you. growing concerns in alexandria after an arrest in two high-profile murder cases and the victims found dead and the suspects all linked to a dangerous gang. news 4's meagan fitzgerald is live with more on how the threat of gang violence is impacting kids here. meagan? >> reporter: well, doreen, police tell us that out of the four suspects that were arrested and connected to the ms-13 gang the youngest was a 16-year-old girl. gang experts say that recruiters are targeting kids as young assel emenas el ementry school. two bodies found in two parks has undoubtedly brought about concern for many residents in alexandria. one man nearly decapitated in beverly park and another stabbed to death in four-mile run and what's concerning is the fact that four suspects involved in the cases are connected to the
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ms-13 gang. >> gang vile keolence can impac anyone in the community. >> this expert works alongside active gang members and has asked us to conceal his identity. the ms-13 gang activity is increasing and recruitment is happening in schools, but says there is a particular student they're looking for. >> they're looking for kids who don't fit in at school who may be victims of bullying, physical assaults and those are the kids who they're targeting. >> reporter: police say because mond hundreds of gang members have been arrested most recently since 2013 there is a push to keep the gang alive. our experts say that's why parents need to watch their kids closely because there are warning signs to look out for. >> more importantly behavioral thing, changes in peer groups and lack of interest in family activity. >> reporter: now gang prevention coordinators along with alexandria police and of course, other agencies throughout the area say that they're very active in creating activities to
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engage students to try to keep them away from gang violence. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you. >> the fbi has been tracking ms-13 for some time and the group is made up mostly of salvadoran nationals and first-generation salvadoran-americans. they operate in virginia, maryland and the district. the fbi puts their membership of between 6,000 members nationwide and they're expanding through recru recruitment. they are responsible for murder, rape and prostitution. the fear at the condominium in prince george's county appears to have been an accident and it started in a kitchen. it broke out in the presidential park condos in adelphi and played out on live tv. about a hundred people have had to find somewhere else to live. a family who came from
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bangladesh came back today in hopes of salvaging their belongings and they're overwhelmed at the stathought o starting over. >> no, we don't have anywhere to live. >> what are you going to do? >> i cannot think of it at this moment. >> coming up in our next half hour, tracee wilkins will bring us some reaction from some of the fire fighters who helped to rescue people from their burning homes. police in maryland have charged a teenager with murdering a woman whose body was found on a hiking trail. marvin juarez is being held without bond in prince george's count pep police say he's 18 years old and he used to have a relationship with the victim, her name is catherine alvarado. he's accused of stabbing her to death. her body was found on new year's day along the northwest branch trail in hyattsville. metro's new leader isn't happy at all after we broke the news about his own employees ripping off the transit agency.
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paul wiedefeld said today he is mad and embarrassed. transportation reporter adam tuss has more on his reaction and plus new details on a plan to slash metro fares. adam? >> reporter: that's right, doreen. the news about the fraudulent smartrip scheme not sitting well with the new gm, and he told us it reflects poorly on the entire transit agency. >> i'm mad that they did it and i'm embarrassed for the agency. >> reporter: mad and embarrassed pretty much sums it up and general manager paul wiedefeld, to let the riders leave the system for free and load up the remaining value of the paper fare cards on a smartrip card and resell it. he said these nine employees don't reflect the overall agency. >> a huge organization where people are doing, you know, a very good job and are honest as the day is long, and that's, you you know, i wish that everyone did it 100%.
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>> also at a board meeting today, slashing the fare for riders, was quickly voted down. metro riders getting into a back and forth about the best way to lure customers back to the system that has been losing riders. some say the agency is too stale and old in its thinking. >> talking about a green line train separated while it was in a tunnel outside the navy yard station. the general manager didn't have a definitive cause and said issues are being ruled out. he said nothing was wrong with the coupler that holds the trains together. >> it was not broken or anything of that sort. the cars were aligned correctly. >> he did say there was extro moisted you are in and around the parts of the train and that's being studied right now and the tracks in the area are also being studied and he doesn't believe this is an issue that has anything to do with the operator of the train and how he was driving the train. >> meanwhile, guys, some other news to pass along for metro and the transit agency is in the
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final stages of interviewing a new chief safety officer. back to you. >> thanks, adam. tonight we know what caused a silo to break apart and kill an 18-year-old worker. according to a federal report obtained by the news 4 i-team, corroded parts and the failure to conduct an inspection led to that deadly incident. it happened back in august at the lux scone car ney ashburn. there were, we are told, 500 tons of sand particles in that silo designed to hold less than half that. the citation was issued to luxe stone. the company says it has made some changes. we're still waiting and we've just gotten word that the day care center at fort meyer will be open tomorrow. that building was evacuated today after somebody noticed a suspicious odor. officials say it was a natural gas leak and they will continue to monitor that situation overnight and nobody was hurt. again, the day care center will be open tomorrow.
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what a difference a day makes. yesterday the coldest day we have seen so far this season and today not even close to that. yesterday's high only 32 degrees and the city today we had 53 and 21 degrees warmer in d.c. and 58 degrees in stanton today and 56 fredericksburg and 55 in martinsburg and many areas yesterday did not get out of the 20s and the windchills were in the teens and wow is the word of the day because temperatures just soared across our region as we saw the sunshine and those -- excuse me, southerly winds. temperatures dropping through the 40s. 46 degrees right now. that's the current temperature dropping to 44 by 8:00 and much warmer than last night and still on the chilly side and a chilly start to the day tomorrow, but we're watching the rain tomorrow night and some of the rain could be heavy at times and i'll show you when it moves in, a much colder weekend and antarctic outbreak and that one looks like it wants to stick around for a while. >> thanks, doug.
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>> the stage is set for tonight's republican debate and a new controversy is swirling around ted cruz and some of the republican rivals are calling him out. >> a small victory for the church of scientology as he plans to landlord a rehab facility and the legal fight is far from over. what needs to be done to prevent
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a last-minute campaign
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controversy before tonight's republican debate. the candidates are under pressure to score points with voters in those early primary state, but senator ted cruz is playing defense for the second time in two weeks. steve handles man is in north charleston, south carolina with the story on that. >> the defense and last minute are very correct and the undercard debate has started in north charleston and next up are ted cruz and the eight others and cruz has got multiple problems. he was a significantly ahead in the iowa caucus polls until it came out that he was born in canada, it wasn't new, but questions asked about his eligibility to be president and now new questions about this new issue are plaguing the cruz campaign. >> the timing is terrible for ted cruz. two weeks until the vote in iowa where he's fighting for the lead on the day of the debate in south carolina where the vote is in five weeks. the new york times reports cruz
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earned a half million dollar loan where his wife worked plus other loans to help fund his 2010 senate campaign and failed to report that. he's denying wrongdoing. >> it is an inadvertent filing question and the facts have been disclosed for many, many years. >> wall street-based goldman sachs is seen by many as a villain in the crash. >> there's no worst brand name for the populist wing of the republican party than that. >> donald trump is playing born in the usa to mock cruz being born in canada and is calling the cruz finance story a very big thing. >> i know nothing about it, but i hear it's a very big thing. i hope he solves it. i think he's a nice guy, and i hop he gets it solved. >> trump and cruz have played nice for months and at the center of the debaters, tonight, with trump using the birth issue and now finance. >> if there is a debate question
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and ted cruz refuses to say anything critical about donald trump now, and i think it will look weak. >> time is running out for damage control. >> this is blocks away from the charleston church where nine people were murdered, guns, race and mass killings could be issues here tonight along with immigration and isis and the economy with all eyes on cruz and trump. live from north charleston, steve handelsman, news 4. >> steve, thank you. we asked people online to weigh in on the debates of why they watch them. these are your answers. 41% of the people who responded say they don't watch the debates, only 21% said they watch them to learn about the candidates and 38% for the entertainment value. >> the terror attack was loud. it was long and it was deadly and it was a calling card according to authorities in indonesia. ice sis claiming responsibility
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for the attack in a busy shopping district in jakarta. five suicide bombers lay siege to that area for four hours. they carried guns, grenades and homemade bombs. the crowd scattered as the attackers hit a starbucks cafe and a traffic police booth. two civilians were killed along with the bombers. police say isis planned the attacks to announce their presence in indonesia. some new information has just been released about violence against women on college campuses and the numbers are already being scrutinized. news 4's chris gordon looks at why they're controversial and how local students are taking the lead in prevention. >> reporter: we visited several local colleges tonight and we asked students if we agree with new data released by the department of education. it says that 91% of all colleges reported zero rapes for the year 2014. >> i do think that it could be underreported. there are so many determinants
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that go into reporting. a lot of women might be scared and they might not feel like they might be believed in situations. they might not remember. >> reporter: the american association of university women feels rape has been underreported. they say schools need to involve students and faculty in the process of preventing rape. >> people know that there is a sexual assault epidemic on campuses. you would be smart as a university to come forward and say here's how we're handling it and we're taking it on head-on. >> information suggests where parties where there's heavy drinking can lead to incapacitated rape. sororities at the university of maryland are taking the lead trying to prevent rapes on camp us. >> i'm in greek life and we have a lot of different classes that, like, people that come in and tell you what exactly rape is and how it helps girls speak out about it. >> the american association of the university women says colleges must develop policies that encourage women to come
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forward, report rape and get help because they say reporting and one of the best ways of preventing rape on campus. this is chris gordon, news 4. the department of education has an online tool you can use to find out how many crimes are reported on the campuses that you care about. we posted a link on the nbc washington app. search camp us safety. time did not dim the emotion at a final salute for a tuskegee airman who has been missing in action since 1945. family of lieutenant samuel leftonet went to arlington national cemetery today for a memorial service with full military honors. leftonet was a world war ii pilot and his plane went down after a mid-air collision in austria in 1945. his family says because his
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surviving siblings are getting on in years. one of his sisters is nancy. she served three years as a nurse with the tuskegee airmen. she was also the first african-american to serve in the army nurse corps. she's now 95 years old. still ahead, the dramatic rescue as it unfolded on live television tonight. hear from the firefighters who helped pull those people to safety. >> a powerful politician from iowa playing a big role in high-profile, local cases and why he's zeroing in on crime here even though he lives hundreds of miles away. a battle between the church of scientology and residents in frederick county, maryland, may be coming to an end soon. today a judge issued his ruling on that matter. i'm mark segraves. coming up, what
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what a change we went through this morning. i was out early this morning and it was freezing cold just a few hours later i felt like i didn't even need a coat. >> today was one of those days when kids go with everything on and they come back with none of it. >> that's exactly what happened today in many houses around our region. i can't wait to see if my son has his coat on. let's see what's happening outside right now. yesterday, a high of only 32 degrees. we hit 53 today. the low this morning was 28 and many areas were in the teens and boy, did we skyrocket and
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temperatures rose quickly and we were at 8 degrees an hour and it was the winds and it was the sunshine and we did get nice and warm and down to 46 and many areas are starting to cool and 43 gaithersburg and nothing on the radar. what we're watching for tomorrow night and this time of year, a storm to the south like this with a lot of moisture in the gulf of mexico and this is coming right up the coast this would be our big snowstorm. no, not going to happen and it will move inland and once it does, it will continue to bring in mild air and because of that this will be an all-rain event and no chance of seeing snow out of this guy. that moisture and that gulf moisture will move in here tomorrow. not early, tomorrow morning, no problems and your am rush, piece of cake. tomorrow afternoon around the 11:00 hour and then into the noon hour, no problem as the
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clouds are starting to move in, but the rain doesn't start until 5:00, 6:00 and that will be about it and if you're traveling around the evening rush and by the time you're headed out to dinner say 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. make sure you take the umbrella and the heaviest rain along the i-95 corridor and down to the south and east and southern maryland and if you live back toward winchester and frederick. you will still see shower activity and it won't be quite as much in the way of rainfall. this is a quick mover and it's all tomorrow night and we'll pick up about half an inch of rain and maybe an inch of rain, by saturday morning it's out of here and look back to the west that's where the snow is going to be and that's where the cold air is coming from and we are going to get cold this weekend and rainfall intensity tomorrow night. yeah, take the big umbrella and we're talking about steady rain tomorrow evening if you're
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walking around town you are going to get wet for sure and more cloud cover back to the west and i still think we'll get into the low 50s with sunshine early and not a bad day, but tomorrow night is the rain. 50 degrees for a high temperature on saturday. not a bad saturday afternoon and pretty good if you're thinking of doing some skiing and you could see some slush out there as far as that's concerned and here comes the cold and a high of 42 degrees on sunday and yes, a chance of a flurry or two and i'm not expecting much in the way of snow at all and i am expecting much colder temperatures. 30 degrees for a high temperature on monday and we'll take you hour by hour for the windchills and i'll show you just how long that cold air will stick around because this time it will. see you at 6:45. >> thank you, doug. it was the scene of an horrific crime, but tonight there are new plans for a d.c. mansion. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up on news 4, the firefighters who helped to save people from this massive fire in
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adelphi are telling their story. top u.s. health officials consider a travel warning for some women. some women. the
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from a burning building. it was on live tv. tonight the firefighters who saved them are talking about that dramatic scene.
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>> as we were climbing the ladder i looked to the left and there was a lot of fire and i was, like, wow. a new ruling into the legal fight between the church of scientology and a local county could lead to yet another lawsuit. also major changes coming to the home where a d.c. family and their housekeeper were murdered and local crimes are getting attention from leadership on capitol hill. a senator from iowa has been involved. >> i don't sit around and wait. first at 6:30, powerful flames ripped through an apartment building in prince george's county and some of the people that lived there were trapped inside. >> a veteran fire fighter and a relative newcomer helped rescue them and tonight they're sharing details about the scene we watched last night and we're hearing about the 911 calls for help and bureau chief tracee wilkins joins us live from adelphi witthe latest. >> the fire chief told us that this is something that his firefighters trained for, but most of them have never
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experienced. >> what's going on? >> there's a fire in my apartment. my mom and my dad. >> yes. >> are they out? >> okay. we're out. >> the 911 call that came from the apartment where the fire sported spoke to how quickly the flames were spreading. >> all right. the fire is out of control now. >> tell me what you see. >> fire is coming out of the balcony door. >> and something ujust explode. something just exploded. >> and then the next-door neighbors that didn't make it out? yeah, they're still in the apartment. >> we need you all to come down. >> arrived on the scene and we did have two people waving us down on the balcony and we positioned the ladder truck so we could make that rescue. >> firefighters say they saw the couple as soon as they pulled into the complex and immediately began a ladder rescue mission to the top floor. >> she was telling me she had both hips replaced and she was having trouble getting up and i ended up picking her up on to
6:31 pm
the ladder and she told us she couldn't do much and i ended up carrying her down a few wrungs on the top of the ladder. >> the fire on the 9200 block on new hampshire avenue left 100 people without a home and the building had some $200,000 in damage. two people are still recovering in the hospital from their injuries. the son who called 911 told the operator what he thought started it all. >> a can exploded. >> a can? what kind of can? [ indiscernible ] >> adhesive foam. some sort of adhesive foam was in it. >> the firefighters believe that this fire started in the kitchen area. you heard there that young man saying that a can was somehow involved. all of this is still under investigation. there were three firefighters who were injured in this fire and treated and released. two of the residents that were injured are still recovering in the hospital tonight. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you in the studio.
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it was the scene of one of d.c.'s most notorious murders in recent years. now the savopoulos mansion could be demolished. a permit has been submitted to raze that house in northwest d.c. the department of consumer and regulatory affairs say the permit is under review. the savopoulos family and their housekeeper were brought alley murdered last year. the house was then set on fire and it went on the market in november. police have charged a man named deron wendt in the murders. the church is trying to get approval to open a drug rehab facility on a mountain retreat in maryland. the issue went to court after the council voted to block the facility. today a judge ruled in favor of the church, but as news 4's mark segraves reports now the fight is far from over. the frederick county council is now considering changing the
6:33 pm
county's zoning laws in order to block the church of scientology from opening a drug rehab facility. >> the church of scientology owns hundreds of acres in the mountains. the retreat known as trout run has been used by presidents as a fishing lodge and the fish wants to use it as a narcanon drug rehab facility. residents think it's a better use of the land. >> a boy scout retreat or girl scout retreat or some kind of retreat center like that or nature center. >> last summer the frederick county council voted to block the facility. the church took the county to court and today the judge ruled in the charn aurch's favor. ordering them to show it was within the scope of the law. the real estate arm of the church applauded the decision. the county council has been order to provide a fact all and legal justification for their decision and something they've been unwilling to do so far. >> i would have preferred that the judge would have ruled in favor of the county council's decision and backed that up, but
6:34 pm
i understand the rationale for what the judge is doing and certainly the county council should have justification. >> while the judge's decision is a victory for the church of scientology, it may be meaningle meaningless. earlier this week the county council introduced new legislation that would prohibit rehab facilities from opening on historic properties. an attorney for the church tells news 4 if the council approves that new law they'll sue the county again. in frederick county, mark segraves, news 4. tonight, jetblue airlines is working to figure out what caused a major computer outage. >> power was lost at a verizon data center hosting the airline systems. long lines formed at airports all over the country. the website was down. power was restored to the center just before 2:00 this afternoon. most of the problem have now been fixed, but the delays
6:35 pm
continue tonight. >> the u.s. government is in the process of developing a travel warning to places like brazil and the caribbean. they're worried about a quickly-spreading virus called zika and a travel warning could have a big impact on tourism for the rio olympics this summer. the zika virus is spread by mosquitos and symptoms are usually mild, fief fever, rash, join pain and red eyes and women who have the virus while pregnant are more likely to give birth to babies that have abnormally small heads. >> often leading to death on the part of the baby soon after birth or a series of brain function or cognitive function. >> how to advise those who plan to travel to the affected region. a few case of zika have been diagnosed in the u.s. and all patients who had recently traveled overseas. >> a legend in sports
6:36 pm
broadcasting with deep roots here in the d.c. area has left us. >> jim simpson died yesterday. >> he was one of the coolest, smoothest, most handsome and simply among the very best sports reporters in this country and he did it all. that was him in the booth covering the very first super bowl. and then five more of them. he covered six world series and all of the major bowl games including 14 orange bowls from helsinki to 1979 and that was when espn first went on the air and that was him doing the sports on the old wtop before it was t.o.p. the anchor on that show, by the way, was/ named walter cronkite. here now it gets personal. i had the distinct honor of sitting next to jim when he did
6:37 pm
the sports here on the very first shows i anchored at wrc. i was in awe of that guy. among other reasons, he never used a script. he would walk into the studio with nothing in his hand, only then cyclopedic knowledge of all of the sporting games and he would do a flawless show. jim simpson was a bad dude and magnificent. he was 88 when he died. still ahead, a senator from the midwest helping to investigate local crimes. why he's showing so much interest in solving cases in our area. we know where the winning tickets are sold, but we still don't know who bought them. coming up, a live report amid the powerball mystery, but first -- come on, doug. >> your commute tomorrow morning and 7:00 to 9:00, partly cloudy, 37 and 5:00 to 7:00 and i'll talk about your friday evening,
6:38 pm
the weekend and the arctic air to come.
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$1.6 billion. three tickets hit the right numbers and the powerball winners remain a mystery tonight. there is quite a bit of excitement at the stores where the three winning tickets were sold. >> they're in chino hills, california, mumphord, tennessee and melbourne beach, florida. nbc's jay gray joins us from one lucky store in florida. hi, jay. >> hey, doreen and jim. we know a few things about all of this. we know that jim, doreen and jay didn't win because we're still at work. we know history was made at this store here in florida as well as stores in tennessee and california. we know where and we know the numbers. what we don't know is who exactly is holding the winning
6:41 pm
tickets? >> so, look. we know again that we have three winners, but we don't know if it's office pool, if they're individuals. there are a lot of rumors as you would imagine especially with melbourne beach and let's take a closer look at how this all unfolded. >> reporter: an impromptu pep rally. just minutes after minutes after last night's drawing and word that a winning ticket was sold in california. >> i'm very happy. >> overnight, lottery officials confirmed two more winning tickets in mumphord, tennessee in melbourne beach, florida. >> this was historic. >> almost $1.6 billion split at
6:42 pm
least three ways. there are rumors. >> it's probably one of their friends that they know at the store that probably is the winner. >> reporter: but to this point, no one's claimed the record prize. we don't know if the tickets were in the hands of individuals or office pool. we do know they're worth more than $528 million before taxes. >> how are you feeling right now? >> nervous. >> a nervous laugh if linda wendy, one of 73 players nationwide that settled for a million-dollar payout. >> spent most of the night waking up everybody else in the house. re-checking numbers. >> reporter: and now she'll have to figure out how to spend those winnings. >> reporter: not a bad problem to have. look, eight people also won a $2 million jackpot and that's not a bad consolation prize. the next powerball drawing is set for saturday. the jackpot dropping to what is a measly -- not even worth
6:43 pm
playing. >> chump change. we're sorry to see you here, jim, today because like you said it means you ain't one of them. >> neither are we. i'm sorry about that, too. >> all right, thanks, man. nobody here won the big jackpot, but three tickets did win $1 million. they were sold in maryland and one was sold at the amoco in capital heights and another at the 7-eleven in bladensburg and the at a wa-wa. >> they plan to use that money to start a college fund for their child. they also plan to buy a house, a new truck and take a vacation, but first, they're going to celebrate. they say they are going out to dinner. it probably will not be at mcdonald's. >> no. two other $1 million tickets were sold in salem, virginia and in virginia beach.
6:44 pm
in d.c. there were two tickets worth $50,000 that were sold. that's not so bad. for a complete list we invite you to go to the nbc washington app. >> we're waiting to hear who won at the tinnily market. up next, a big break in three local crimes, but it came from an unlikely source.
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6:46 pm
he's investigating three local crimes and he's helped break open at least one of the cases. >> he's not a police officer and he didn't even live around here. scott macfarlane and the news 4
6:47 pm
i-team found a powerful man in iowa is sifting through the crews of d.c. area violence. >> you won't see them in the video, but jeff stewart says he was there. the day john gere was found and killed by a police officer in 2013 as gere stood in the doorway of his door. >> i was close friends with john over 25 years. >> stewart said he grew frustrated as the investigation continued for months and months without resolution. >> i wrote a lot of nasty letters to people and didn't get a lot of response to members of congress to see if anyone would get charged. >> and the only one that got back to me within a dai was senator grassley. he had never heard about it until he asked about it in the newspaper. he asked why the local law enforcement review was taking so long. >> i wrote a letter asking a lot of questions and eventually the
6:48 pm
family had to go to court to get these personal records opened up. >> soon thereafter, they had to hand over information to the gear family and he cited charles grassley's inquiry as a factor. >> it ought to be pretty transparent and when the public knows what's going on then the people working within the government are going to be more responsible. >> we found this isn't the only local case into which he's intervened. he's also asked the feds to investigate two local crimes in which undocumented immigrants were o khussed. henry dominguez vasquez are charged in accessory of a loudoun high school student in 2015. both are undocumented immigrants in el salvador. he asked the feds why they hadn't been deported. we asked officials how the investigation was going and they found the young men skipped immigration hearings on their legal status in august. a month later they said they
6:49 pm
ordered the two to be deported once the criminal case. and thera the case of reyes reyes, punching a deputy in november. he's asked the feds why reyes reyes was released by u.s. border protection. >> why was he out in society when he was a danger to society? >> homeland security officials would not answer our questions on the handling of reyes reyes' case and they're committed to smart, effective immigration enforcement. grassley is just one year into his chairmanship of the judiciary committee and says he will intervene locally if he sees a need. >> because you only need one vote to do oversight. your own vote. >> we checked and found all of the cases reviewed by the senator from iowa are scheduled to go on trial within the next six months. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. it warmed up quite a bit,
6:50 pm
doug. >> enjoy it if you like the 50s and then things go downhill and then next week, do you think yesterday was cold? >> don't say bring it on again. >> why not? it's wintertime. >> it's hot in the summer. >> bring on the snow and not the bone-chilling cold. >> why stop there? >> bring it on. ? let's take a look and show you what's going on across our region and looking pretty good there and the buildings all lit up and 46 degrees and temperatures dropping through the 40s and it will be rather chilly this evening and again, not cold like it was last night. last night we were down to 23 at gaithersburg and we're at 41 and baltimore coming in at 47 degrees and college park and that's the cold spot. >> it's not going to be cold and no rain to talk about now and here's the rain down to the south. we have the storm down here that will be making its way our way and it will bring rain this way and you're expecting quite a bit
6:51 pm
in the way of rain tomorrow night. bring it on. that rain coming during the evening hours and if you're headed to dinner, you'll be seeing the rain and increasing clouds, dry day, but a wet night. 54 degrees and not a bad afternoon and you'll need the umbrella for sure. 50 degrees on a saturday and on your sunday. 29 for a high on thursday. 32 on wednesday and 36 on wednesday. jim, you're right, winter finally here for an extended period of time all next week. >> as it should be. >> thank you, doug. >> we have sports coming up and the caps celebrating a major milestone for their main man. we'll explain why ovi
6:52 pm
[mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great? [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined.
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6:54 pm
. the capitals only best record at home record in all of hockey and tonight they're hoping to make it another special night for the fan base before taking on vancouver. a much deserved ovation for alex ovechkin for reaching the 500-goal mark. with more on the festivities from the verizon center, here's carol malone. >> thanks, jason.
6:55 pm
>> career goals 500 and 509, and it will give him a stick, and a message with the team on the blade. he says he's relieved it's over and now moving on to bigger things, does that include the all-time mark of wayne gretzky's all-time career goals? he said he'll pass on that. >> i don't think it's possible in this year, in this life. wow! >> maybe, but i want to do something else. >> life can't be much sweeter looking for their tenth straight home win. experts say it's not how many wins they have, but how many they have is more impressive. >> they have the best balance since any caps team i've ever
6:56 pm
seen and the one thing that barry wanted to do, when he a riped and you've seen that movie before and now this team is number one against goals and he's playing at an mvp-type level and this is the type of balance and resilience you can hear a lot. from the verizon center, carol maloney news 4 sports. >> thanks so much, carol. i want to talk football for a moment and one of the redskins stopped by the studio. according to the left tackle, he and his teammates are expecting more this season. >> i want to say we feel accomplished and we feel encouraged by the ups and downs that we overcame.
6:57 pm
we have a good team and a good nucleus to this team and we hopefully will continue to build. >> kirk cousins had a tremendous season. did it surprise you? >> no, it didn't surprise me one bit. i know i expected it out of kirk and he's a great player and an outstanding talent. >> you like that? you like that? >> did you expect that quote and motto to take over? >> you like that? >> have you gotten tired of it yet? >> no, i haven't. i haven't gotten tired of it. it's something you say just joking around and he's a fiery competitor deep down in size and that's oozing out of him. >> you can catch more on spornts final at 11:35.
6:58 pm
>> i like that kind of passion. >> "nightly news" coming up next. >> we hope to see you for news 4 at 11:00. have a good evening. three questions for the us senate. congress just voted to label genetically engineered salmon;
6:59 pm
why not other foods? gmo crops are doused with heavy doses of an herbicide the world health organization says probably causes cancer. isn't that reason enough to label? 64 other countries label gmos. why don't american shoppers have the same information? tell your senator, high tech gimmicks like qr codes aren't the answer. we need clear on-package labeling.
7:00 pm
tonight, the clash in carolina. republicans ready to collide in tonight's debate. donald trump skyrocketing in our brand-new poll. his closest rival on the defense over some big money. was it a cover-up? another teen killed by chicago police. a judge blasting the city for trying to keep evidence from the public. another black eye for the department and the mayor. outbreak. a rapidly spreading virus that is so dangerous, it has health experts warning americans, especially pregnant women, to stay away from the hot zones. amal clooney exclusive. her first u.s. television interview. how the attorney and wife of actor george clooney is using her star power to fight an out of control crisis. "nightly news" begins right now.


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